MFC Itozuru DOI 8-2Genetics for Sale

Wagyu is a unique breed that has a high calving ease, a docile temperament, and has a high carcass yield. Tenderness is passed down through heredity and selective breeding. With consumers shifting towards higher quality beef, there is a increased growth potential in the Wagyu breed.

The incorporation of tenderness traits in DNA validation testing is designated  by a number on a scale of 1 to 10 – with the most tender.  59% of the population of Wagyu cattle have scores of 1 to 5 and 41% have scores of 6 to 10

Wagyu breeding requires patience as it takes time and effort to build.

Semen Sales

Muddy Flats Cattle is proud to provide semen sales of our top-quality Wagyu cattle.  Through our dedicated testing and research we can provide semen sales from our carefully selected sires to produce the most tender and best tasting beef!


Embryos are a cost effective way to move genetics throughout the country.  We provide fullblood Wagyu embryos.  Our breeding program emphasizes Muddy Flats Cattle Company’s premium genetics of Wagyu cattle from the very best bloodlines.