IMG_4110Handmade Wagyu Soap

Wagyu beef has long been known for its high degree of marbling and unsurpassed flavor, earning it top ranks with cuisine aficionados. What typically goes unsaid is the unique fatty acid profile of Wagyu beef fat and its integral role on both taste and texture. Anyone who has handled a Wagyu steak will have undoubtedly observed that the fat is softer and melts at a lower temperature when compared to Angus steak. This is because Wagyu fat has been well documented as having a higher percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, by comparison, putting it into a unique category.

In fact, the fatty acid distribution of Wagyu beef fat is generally comparable to Shea butter which has long been used as a skin moisturizer. Unfortunately, when these animals are slaughtered for their meat, much of this unique fat is cast aside and left unused. Most notably, in this regard, is the easily obtainable kidney fat which typically makes up 20-25 lbs of discarded fat. As a producer of premium Wagyu beef, Muddy Flats Cattle Company has endeavored to find ways to utilize the unused Wagyu fat in order to make the most of its unique properties.

Our first inclination was to develop a line of handmade soaps and lotions which you may recall sampling at the last Wagyu association meeting held in Texas. The initial response to our sample products was so overwhelmingly positive that Muddy Flats Soap Company LLC was created to produce and distribute a line of Wagyu-based small batch artisan personal care products. In the spirit of the old pioneer ways, we strive to stay as natural in our formulations as feasibly possible, while insuring the production of a consistent and safe product for our customers.