Rotational Breeding

There are 3 Major Bloodlines of Black Wagyu Cattle – Each ancestral line has its own strengths with respect to the size and structure of the animal, marbling of the meat, milk production for the nourishment of calves, and maternal responsiveness.

The Kedaka Line is known for larger frames, superior weight gain, and are good natured.The Tajima Line is the most efficient line for producing high quality marbling and tenderness.The Fujiyoshi Line exhibits traits of good milk production, larger frames, and overall balanced characteristics.

Wagyu Bulls are divided into four groups. Groups A through D are listed with their respective strength of traits in order of dominance.

rotation-breeding-redoGroup A – Shimane-Itozakura Line

  • Itohana
  • Mitsuhikokura
  • TBR Mitsufuku 9028W

Group B – 100% Tajima Line

  • Fukutsuru
  • Kikuyasu
  • Michifuku
  • Sanjirou
  • Shigeshigetani
  • Itoshigenami
  • Kitateruyasu-doi

Group C – Kedaka, Okayama, Hiroshima Lines

  •   Itomichi
  •   Itozurudoi
  •   Itoshigefuji
  •   Hirashigetayasu
  •   TBR Mitsufuku 9028W
  •   MFC Itomoritaka 0-41


Group D – High Tajima Line

  • Fukutsuru
  • Kimifuku
  • MFC Shigeshigetani 2-12
  • MFC Sanjirou 3-39
  • MFC Michifuku 0-26
  • MFC Yasufuku Jr 7-12

In rotational breeding, females sired by a bull from Group A are mated with a bull from Group B.